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Technologies & skills


JAVA, JEE ( JSP, JSF, EJB, JMS) .NET, C# HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, React, Angular, Dojo Web Services, Microservices, REST and SOAP, Node.js, Express.js Hazelcast, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Redis, ActiveMQ, Infinispan, JGroups Spring Core, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring MVC Hibernate, JPA Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE, MySQL, DB2, MongoDB


SAPUI5, Fiori, HANA XS, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Cloud Foundry, Neo, SAP Web IDE, ABAP, NetWeaver


React Native, Ionic, Android


Azure, Amazon Web Services


ETL, Microsoft SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, Pentaho, Tableau, Splunk Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE, MySQL, DB2, MongoDB

Big Data

Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, Splunk


Glassfish, Weblogic, Websphere, Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, Apache, NGINX Maven, Grunt, Gulp, Ant, Bower, NPM, Gradle Docker, Swarm , Kubernetes, Chef, Puppet Continuous integration, Jenkins, Nexus, GitLab, Zabbix, Grafana


Graphic design Responsive Web Design, HTML 5, CSS4, Bootstrap, SCSS, LESS, SVG, Adobe suite Corporate Branding, Logo, Print


OS Administration and Monitoring Database Administration Application Operation and Monitoring Release/Change Management Application Support ITIL


Testing TDD, Selenium, JUnit, Mockito, Jasmine, TestNG, Grinder, JMeter, Rational Performance Tester Rational Functional Tester


Software Design and Project Management: Agile - Scrum, Team Software Process, Waterfall, TDD, JIRA, Rally, ServiceNow, MS Project


Machine Learning, DeepLearning4j, PyTorch, Spark

We are Agile

We value a collaborative and cooperative approach between all the stakeholders. Our self-organising teams focus on frequent delivery & testing of products and we develop smart ways to deliver innovative code and at a fixed timescale. Through the Scrum process, we encourage our professionals to work together, communicate oftenly through meetings and evaluate constantly the results of their work, in order to improve it.

We have learned and evolved a lot by working side by side with some of the greatest and brightest enterprise architects, project managers, Agile practitioners, software engineers and devops teams, embracing the tools, technologies and best practices used globally by the most successful IT organizations in the world.

Design Thinking

Making our business more
creative and innovative

Design Thinking uses ways to ensure that many possible solutions are explored in the first step and then narrowing these down to a final solution. This type of thinking includes building up ideas during the brainstorming, by thinking outside the box, strategy that can aid in the discovery of new elements and resolve possible problems.

Our brainstorming sessions are highly imaginative and a lot of fun. At the same time, we rigorously test every idea, ask questions and choose the best solution. We never neglect the human element by taking time to listen to our clients. Our colleagues are encouraged to come up with creative solutions that help us create the best product for the user. At Berg Software we want to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We always keep our mission clear and we are open to all the ideas that come in play. We’re lucky enough to have a spacious office, that we can “decorate” with colorful post-its, spreadsheets and idea boards. Then the work starts. We want all of our team members to understand the problem and the context, to observe and define it, then try to ideate, prototype and test, test, test.

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