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5 Reasons Why You Should Digitize Your Company Right Now

Monday, June 18, 2018

Are you wondering how to digitalize a company? Digital transformation is more than a buzz word these days and companies continue to digitize at rapid speed by innovating new business models. Document digitization efforts have repaid modern firms with a positive ROI, reduced costs, efficient workflows and satisfied customers. This is why you should implement digitization in your company:

Increases productivity

Digital data is highly searchable, easily transferable and can increase employer efficiency, improve workflow & enhance customer relationships. It takes an employee an average of 12 minutes to find the paper document they are looking for and this can be reduced to a few seconds. This decreases turnaround time increasing work rate for your business.

Streamlines your operations

It’s so much easier to make a copy of digital data versus photocopying stacks of printed invoices. A lot of online tools are available for a diverse range of tasks such as time tracking, project management and collaboration, captured digitally without printing out a single piece of paper. Documents that have been converted can be easily accessed through the cloud or system using any device, anywhere, anytime.

Promotes cost reduction

Digitization can reduce the amount of paid staff needed to process and handle paper copies of records. Electronic files also minimize or eliminate the transportation costs of moving documents from place to place. Eliminating paper storage can give you with more space, reduction in rent and reduced document storage fees.

Boosts firm’s efficiency

Digitization can greatly improve a company’s response time in dealing with functions such as customer inquiries, logistical problems, and sales. This increased responsiveness means operational efficiency and profitability, as your customers will receive a timely and useful response.

Enhances security

A digital document is trackable and you can control who has access to it. Workflows and individual permissions can be set up, which maintains the confidentiality of the document. Information stored in paper formats is degradable, while document imaging ensures that your business's most important data is kept safely.


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